Choosing Between Work and Love?


Better opportunities and a bad economy force people to be increasingly flexible and expand their job searches to “everywhere”. Once you get that great job offer or are accepted at the college of your dreams, packing your belongings and moving away can be an easy decision.

Even though it’s more convenient than ever to stay in touch and communicate, long distance relationships still have a bad reputation, and we all know couples who’ve broken up before all the boxes are unpacked (or were surprise visits ended badly). Unless you are in a successful long distance relationship, the general sentiment seems to be that they don’t work.

Getting a good job doesn’t mean you have to change your relationship with your lover, although a lot might be going through your mind. When your conversation is with him or her is not like be before due timing or absence of constant hangout. Then feeling like this will set in.

You don’t care:

Sometimes we get so much of love that we don’t realize that we start taking that person for granted. Another major reason that you don’t care about other’s feeling because you even don’t know that how much that person means to you too, as he/she is always available for you when you need. But once that person starts ignoring you then you realize that how important is that person for you.

Too busy:

Even if you care about the person but can’t express your feelings just because you are too busy then relation may not work for long. How will other people know that what’s going on in your mind? It is important to be expressive and spending time with each other in a relation to keep it alive and refreshing.

Lack of sharing:

You can’t expect a person to keep on approaching you to share good and bad things happening in his/her life until you will show interest that you really care with things going on in his/her life. Sharing is a key point to make a relationship healthy if that person is sharing something with you and you pretend as if you don’t care, he/she will never ever share anything with you.

Saying what you don’t mean:

Never to be nice, caring and show affection when you don’t mean it or feel it.If you want to continue the relationship for long run stop saying things which you don’t mean either in personal or professional life. Try to be honest and say the things which you really mean, people are not fooling around you and they come know gradually when you are lying to them.


A relationship is always two-ways. People don’t like to continue any relations when they start realizing that they are not worth for someone. Many times with body language or the way you respond while talking gives hint that you are trying to ignore that person. Thus, they prefer to move on rather than making a relationship a burden for you.

Thus, if you think that person is important for you and you don’t want to lose the care and love they give then keep above points in mind rather than thinking that they have changed or dumped you.

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