Funke Akindele, RMD support AIT’s General Manager, Namure in marking mum’s 80th birthday


General Manager, AIT Network Operations, Namure Edoimioya, recently threw a big party to mark her mum’s 80th birthday and her celebrity friends, Funke Akindele, RMD and others supported her by gracing the event.

In a recent interview with PUNCH, Namure talked about losing her father early in life.

“I lost my father when I was about 14 years old. He was meant to be 52 years old the year he died. It was a very terrible experience. If you lose the breadwinner of your family you don’t expect things to be all fun and juicy. It affected everybody in the family. As for me, I had to grow up fast and I learnt a lot about life. One thing our father taught us was integrity and humility. We were taught that our name is very important, more than anything in the world. After my father died, I was still writing him letters because I was in denial for some time. I grew up with the mentality that I always had to make my mother proud of me in anything I do even though my friends would laugh at me. I replied them that my father died early, so everything has to be about my mother. Now, I do everything to make my mother happy.

My father’s death really affected the family and at some point, I had to move from a private school to another less prestigious school. After my father’s death, there was nothing like new school shoes every term. It also made me learn about friendship because before my father’s death, some of his friends were always in our house but after his death, only a few of them came to ask after our well-being, the rest just moved on.” she said.

Below are colourful photos from the celebration.


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