Ways to Develop Your Talent


What’s Talent?

A special ability that allows someone to do something well.

Talent is huge.

Most times, we don’t recognize our talent. We acknowledge others own.

We think it’s just a mere thing we just can do.

We acknowledge what others do but discredit our own.

In general, most people don’t acknowledge their talent.

We all have different talents with our friends, siblings, and parents. So, our different talents are meant to complement each other.

Find your talent

Search for that thing someone acknowledges that you do brilliantly.

Brood over it.

Ask friends what they think you are good at it.

Find out your talent, and from there you can surgeon.

-Talent development

When you have found out that talent.

Work on it.

Develop it.

You have a talent, and see people with similar talent or way different, and they seem intimidating.

Don’t ever think you can’t become better.

Work hard. There is no gain without pain. They didn’t get there overnight. It took them hours of hard works.

Talent requires growth, and there is nothing that needs to grow, which doesn’t need talent. Feed your talent. Spend time nurturing it. Michael Faraday felt he had talent in making electricity. He didn’t give up at many attempts. Give your talent a time.

-Faith is pertinent in talent development

This is the key to talent. Faith!.

As you have the faith, continue working in order to achieve your talent.

Bible even said that faith without a good work is a dead one. You need work, accompanied with the faith to make your dream a reality.

Saying you can’t do this, and delving into another isn’t a way to talent development.

It’s simply talent whoring.

I have always thought writing and to string words was a herculean task, but persistent in writing got me to where I am.

If I had abandoned writing, saying it’s not my calling, I’d probably be languishing with another talent I will still abandon. The cycle continues.

What am I saying? Don’t give up on your talent development.

Get skilled in your talent

You need to make extra moves with your talent.

There are billions of people in the world, and thousands have the same talent as yours.

Do you want to be distinguished? Make a move.

Source for materials online, to help your talent.

Read inspiring books.

Get on YouTube to watch practical aspects of your talent.

Practice your talent.

Viola, you are good to go.

Practice makes perfect.

Daily nurture and working on your talent, stands you out.

This comes with a lot of determination and zeal.

Showcase your talent

Never shield your talent.

What’s the essence? The world needs your effect.

Those days of sharpening can’t be a waste, for it to be in hiding. Share it with the world.

You can be a model to those kids out there.

Impact your talent on them.

In essence, talent goes a long way to its development. Iron won’t achieve it’s malleability and ductility if it’s not hammered. Your talent needs the effect.

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