How to Handle Work Abuse



Abuses can be tagged as bullying in most scenarios. There are a lot of bullies out there in the workplace. They are numerous in quantities. Bullies intimidate and berate their victims. They talk them down to make them feel bad. So, they could have the best of them and weaken them emotionally. Most bullies yell at their unsuspecting victims. Bullying mostly occurs when the other, don’t stand up for themselves. Bullying can cause a lot of health-related issues like heart attack, headache etc. Those that bully employ shouting, confrontations and abuses on their weak victims. They mostly engage in it, out of jealousy when their rivals are performing better than them in the workplace.

Here are tips for managing workplace abuses

Stop being overly emotional

Bullies target their victim’s emotional good beings in being a pain in their ass. Stop being emotional and handle it calmly. Be assertive.

Stop self-blaming

When you are being bullied; don’t ever think you are the problem. This is the bully esteem. They are projecting their incompetence to you. Don’t ever feel intimidated. Blaming yourself could lead to misbehaviour.

Continue working hard.

When you continue working hard amidst the bullying. The bully will know they are wasting a lot of times on you. After their several attempts at bringing you down, they will back off and rather learn from you. Take control and continue working hard.

Have a close contact with other coworkers

Don’t ever neglect the effect of other people you are working with. When every other person doesn’t like you, no matter what, you will appear as the problem. Work in networking with other co-workers, the victim would be tired at the end. Don’t ever let the bully take control of other coworkers.

Be assertive

When you are being bullied, write everything down. If there is a need, find a way to record voice notes conversations while getting bullied. When you are fed up with the bully incessant bullying, you can take the matter to human resources management.

Seek help

You can visit a counsellor or legal adviser. They can help you greatly in overcoming the bully. Be secretive about the Human resources management while narrating about your ordeal with the bully. They might be an accomplice. They are not the owner of the company and can’t make decisions. Getting counselling will help you in overcoming stress and having a calm state of mind. Don’t undermine the effectiveness of a psychologist.

Stay healthy

The bully isn’t all about your life. Accept it as a fate and don’t ever allow it weigh you down. Work hard to ease the bullying of your mind. Eat healthily, sleep healthy and have fun with family, friends and lover.

Read broad

Books aren’t there for fancy. You can get knowledge on how to handle abuses from reading. Read to show yourself approved. Don’t be put down by any bully.

Be indifferent to bullies

Don’t ever think you have a control over their behaviour. Worrying so much about them is putting yourself through stress they had put you into. Though it’s the companies responsibility to be observant, it’s all about you. Take control.

Written by Obinna Tony Francis Ochem

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