Real Age of Faithia Balogun revealed


Many of our readers probably know and love this wonderful Yoruba actress Fathia Balogun. This beautiful diva keeps captivating the viewers with her talent and looks. But how old is Fathia Balogun?
Fathia Balogun age: how old is she today?
How old is Faithia Balogun?
You might be surprised, but one of the most beloved Nollywood actresses Faithia Balogun (who goes by Faithia Williams these days) has recently clocked 49 years! Honestly, we would never be able to tell she was any older than 35
Indeed, according to the actress’ profile, she was born on February 5, 1969, which means that next year, Faithia will be celebrating her 50th birthday. This year, she wished herself a happy birthday on her Instagram (@faithiawilliams), where she posted some beautiful pictures from her photoshoot.
Fathia Balogun
All that said, Ms. Williams proves that age is merely a number. Even at 49, she looks young and absolutely gorgeous.
Top things you should know about Faithia Balogun Williams
Faithia Williams
Before you go, check out the five things that make up Faithia Williams:
She was born in Ukwara, Delta State in a large family of nine. She seems to be very close with her siblings, as she keeps in touch with them and makes sure to attend their special occasions.
Faithia has two children: daughter Aaliyah (born April 6) and son Khalid (born July 11). Both of them have inherited their good looks from their mother!
In 2014, she divorced the father of her children, Saheed (Saidi) Balogun. For a long time, the two had a very strained relationship. However, these days, things are much better between them.
As a matter of fact, Faithia shares her birthday with her ex-husband. Saheed was born on February 5, 1967.
Apart from being an actress, Faithia Williams is also a filmmaker and an entrepreneur. She is the CEO of House of Faiteer, a company that deals with bodycare, cosmetics and organic products. Maybe she owes her good looks to the products of her own company!

Judging by how she looks now, we think that time will never take away the beauty of Fathia Williams. Whether she is 30, 50 or 80, she will always be stunning. We wish her many more years of acting and hope to see her beautiful face on the screen more often.

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